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  • The Secret to a Stress-free Christmas (Postpone the Cost of your Child’s Wishlist to 2020)


    It’s that time of year again when Christmas starts to creep in. At Strawberry, we want to limit the financial stress and help point you in the right direction to avoid starting the new year with bare bank accounts. We want our beloved customers to enjoy Christmas celebrations by being prepared and not have to worry about budgeting for the big day! Make this Christmas a breeze and give yourself some breathing space whether your child wants the latest tracksuit from stella mccartney kids or has a whole wardrobe wish list planned, by using our guide you can prepare, shop huge discounts and spread the cost of Christmas through our new buy now pay later checkout system.

    Start your shopping early

    Ask for that all important wish list now to get ahead of the hustle and bustle and enjoy a mulled wine whilst others scramble during late night shopping. Being organised keeps you ahead of the game and financially-savvy which is a bonus! Starting early saves you money as there is no last-minute panic buying that throws the budget out the window, you have the chance to make and revise your Christmas list and you can take advantage of the best delivery times that are usually free of charge! If you’re struggling for ideas or your little ones can’t quite make up their mind take a look at some of our winter favourites to get a head start.

    Look for sales and discounts

    For those of you that recognise preparation is key, you will not only enjoy the beauty of doing your Christmas shopping early, but you will also have plenty of time to hunt down the best items at the best prices. Many might think the best deals are available closer to Christmas but the organised festive shopper will be ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to nab the most sought after designer kids brands. Buying presents early and keeping receipts may mean you can return them in the sale and turn one present into two, or even three!

    Pay for the presents in 2020

    Some of us will leave Christmas shopping until the last minute and worry about the payments after the festive season. Therefore, we wanted to make your shopping life easier with the buy now, pay later option to help with buying Christmas gifts before pay day. We appreciate that not everyone can be organised around the most hectic time of the year, but no matter how you choose to shop, paying for your items should be a breeze. That’s why this year we are launching Klarna – an interest free option for customers who want an alternative to credit.

    Now you will be able to spread the cost, or try before you buy, making your purchase decision much easier. We wanted to give you the best options when checking out online or instore and the chance to spread the cost of your new season designer kids wear so you won’t be weeping along to the January blues. We’ve worked hard to enhance our checkout experience online and on mobile, to ensure a seamless transaction. Now you are just one click away from your favourite designer kids’ brands.

  • A Fashion & Lifestyle Guide: First Day Back at School

    shutterstock_135618383So, the summer holidays have finally come to an end. It’s time to dust off the alarm clock, say hello to old friends and get ready for days full of learning. Getting up early can be challenging enough but being punctual and looking stylish whilst doing it may require a well-planned routine and a few wardrobe essentials before term time starts! We have put together our top tips for providing your child with the best first day back at school from choosing the right hairstyle to reinventing their uniform.

    First Day Back at School Outfit

    September and the school term are just around the corner. Yay! It is important we are prepared for the kids first day at school, everything should be perfect. Not all children will have a school uniform, so it’s worth thinking about their first-day outfit. You could choose a stylish tulle skirt with a shirt and a knitted jumper. For your little boy try some chinos and a cool relaxed shirt with a jumper. Reduce stress levels and put together a few outfits ahead of the mad rush the school morning brings. Strawberry Children have a wide selection of childrens designer clothes to ensure your little one is looking the part on their first day back! If your child is limited to a uniform, try some creative shoe options. Perhaps you could use different laces to make them feel stylish and treat them to a kids designer bag or satchel to match!

    Choosing the Perfect Hairstyle

    Now you have the Kids designer clothes you need the hair to match. Every child wants to feel their best on the first day at school. Why not try two space buns? This style is fun and showcases a true fashionista! It’s pretty straight forward to create too. Simply divide the hair in a central part and make two ponytails, then twist each pony to create a bun and secure with some grips! If you want something a little more sophisticated, then try a half bun by separating the top half of your child’s hair and secure with a hair tie. Again, twist into a mini bun and fasten! For the fashionable little guys allow them to wear a little product to hold their bouncy curls or quiff in place!

    After School Clubs

    Sometimes sitting in a classroom all day can leave your child feeling a bit lethargic. Encourage them to join some after school clubs to keep them moving. Social activities and exercise will not only have a positive effect on them physically but mentally too. If your child doesn’t fancy drama club or mixed martial arts, why not get them to ride their bike to and from school.

    The Right Amount of Sleep

    It was inevitable that the dreaded school routine would be back. The key is to implement a plan to get your kids out of bed in the morning, dressed, fed and ready for the day ahead! We suggest starting the school routine at least a week before their first day back. This way the alarm clock sound becomes familiar and their bodies can get used to it again. The evening routine is just as important as the more relaxed and well slept your children are the more likely they will get up in the morning and not just roll over!

    Bring the Classroom Home

    Ahead of the academic term, it is a good idea to clear out the games console and iPads and tidy up their desks ready for homework and bedtime reading. Get creative with some family chalkboards or whiteboards to write down daily tasks and school trips!

    Hopefully, these tips help you prepare for the first day back at school! For further inspiration on winter wear please check out our previous post here.


  • Children’s Summer Holiday Fashion Trends 2019

    shutterstock_585930815Due to the questionable rising temperatures, we are experiencing every year we must adapt our children’s fashion trends to suit the climate changes during the summer holidays. When dressing our boys and girls we look for both exciting fashion trends for kids as well as seasonal practicalities. Whether you’re looking for childrens swimwear, to showcase bright colours or invest in staple pieces for the summer holidays Strawberry Children have you covered.  With that in mind, when it comes to childrens designer clothing and kids summer fashion trends here are some of the latest looks you should be shopping this season.

    In the Swim

    Whether your little one wants to lounge by the pool or spend their days at the beach building sandcastles for unlimited amounts of fun. It’s all about statement swimwear this summer for both boys and girls to look good whilst they’re relaxing in the water or building on the beach. This season, kids designer swimwear has turned its focus to feminine floral features on both girls swimming costumes and bikinis. Playful prints and bold colours have been added to boys’ swim shorts to ensure they look the part when cooling off in the water!

    Pair the playful prints and delicate, detailed frills with some kids designer sunglasses and a pretty patterned headband and you’re good to go. Check out one of our previous blog posts for the latest kids designer accessories and more outfit inspiration here.

    Terrific in Tropical

    Whether you’re exploring the Bali ancient forest or kicking back at Formby beach, take the tropical vibes with you. Palm prints, exotic birds, island and tropical fruits are all at the forefront this season for both boys and girls designer clothing. These eye-catching designs are incorporated with delicious colourways so your children can look terrific in tropical this season whether they’re jetting off to paradise or heading to the local beach.

    Not so Mellow in Yellow

    So, if the weather comes through, we are set for blue skies and unlimited amounts of sunshine this season. The sun won’t be the only thing that’s glowing though, as the summer holiday colour is yellow. Light up your kids wardrobe this season with bright yellow hues and warm flashes of mustard. If bright is too bold for you, try muted lemon yellow’s and pastels to be a part of the trend.

    Earthy Tones

    Lastly, we’re moving away from fast fashion brands and opting for quality products or items that use natural dyes and ethically produced fabrics. Many parents are opting for long-lasting childrens designer clothing products over cheap materials that are causing textile waste and harming the environment. In support of helping the earth natural tones are making an appearance this summer. Invest in staple pieces in ochre, brown, burnt orange and mustard to form trendy outfits for your fashionistas. You could pair the fashion essentials with patterned items or keep it neutral and embrace the 2019 monochrome trend.

  • Why Girls Designer Clothing is the Next Big Thing in Fashion


    Despite little girls inevitable growth spurts many parents are still buying girls designer clothing in hope that they don’t put holes in the knees of their new leggings or leave their shoe behind when kicking to get out of their pram! Fashionista is a term that we hear time and time again and with the number of attractive opportunities now available to children as well as adults it’s no wonder we have an army of mini fashionistas on our hands. With the demand for girls designer clothing, Strawberry Children have you covered with some of the most loved children’s designer brands to provide your ‘Mini Me’s’ and trendy tots with all their fashion needs.

    At Strawberry Children we recognise the ‘must have’ attitude children and parents have adopted towards kitting out their wardrobes and some of the reasons why girls designer clothing is rapidly becoming the next big fashion frenzy!

    The Rise of the ‘Mini Me’

    The rise of the Mini Me’ trend is so adorable to mirror the exquisite taste of your mummy or daddy although it can be pretty expensive buying two of everything, it is just too cute of an opportunity to pass up. Childrens designer clothing recognised the growing profitability of matching parent and child outfits luckily for us and there’s no turning back from the identical sneakers and adorable tote bags!

    Most Popular Age Group

    At Strawberry Children we recognise the growing proportion of children in the 0-14 years age group take more of an interest in fashion and opt for a stylish wardrobe. To cater for all our customers' needs, we stock brands in sizes 0-14 years to keep our glam babies and sophisticated tots and teens one step ahead of the fashion game!

    Encourage Individuality

    It is so important to encourage creativity and originality when it comes to your little ones. This is what will set them apart from the rest and develop them as individuals. When carefully selecting items for Strawberry Children we are always mindful of the trend towards allowing children to choose their own clothing in order to express themselves.

    Rise in Babies

    Last year alone the population of children aged between 0-4 years grew to over 679 million and with this came the demand for fancy baby clothing. From pretty pastels to fabulous frills and so much more, we have a beautiful collection available online and instore.

    Children’s Power

    From time to time we may allow our children to get the better of us, they just happen to look too cute in that new dress, matching shoes and bag, add that to the constant pleading and the innocent look where better wouldn’t melt and we have the decision-making power of children. With this powerful persuasion came the ability to influence parents’ purchases and so this adds to how many mini fashionistas are running about the place.

    Change in Income

    Lastly, there has been a rise in brand awareness among kids. Let’s face it, we all love to wear the latest trend or showcase a new bag. Luckily there has been an increase in double-income households that allow for more spending on children.

    You can shop girls designer clothing at Strawberry Children or if you’re looking for your little boys then check out our previous post on the collection from Ralph Lauren boys.

  • Top 3 Ralph Lauren Boys Fashion Tips


    Every mummy and daddy believe that their baby is royalty and to celebrate the birth of the new Royal baby we have put together this guide to help dress your little prince in this season’s latest trends and styles. Whether you plan to go all out for your handsome little man with Ralph Lauren boys or you’re looking for something in the kids designer clothes sale Strawberry Children have you covered.

    When it comes to childrens designer clothes it is important to choose the right style for your little one. It’s one thing to follow the latest trend but if the item doesn’t fit right then it will leave your child feeling uncomfortable no matter how much you like the clothing. Take a look at one of our previous post’s on childrens fashion trends for spring/ summer 2019.

    Tailoring for your Tots

    There is no need to get your little one suited, booted and wrapped up in measuring tape. You can go for a more relaxed tailored approach and still have him looking like he’s dripping in crown jewels. We recommend the Ralph Lauren boys cotton chino short with stylish belt and back pockets. This alternative to a smart trouser option can be dressed up with a crisp white shirt or dressed down with a Ralph Lauren boys white stripe t-shirt perfect for a family garden party or running around the park.

    Keep in Line with the Royal Colours

    This season is all about keeping it colourful, fresh and sporty! Childrens fashion brands are going colourful this year with the primary colours red and blue. If bold and bright isn’t for you, then you could pre-washed colours such as pastel blues and yellows. Another tone not to shy away from if you wish to make a royal statement, is pink tones, try a cute little pastel Ralph Lauren boys shirt to make that showstopping entrance!

    Walk in the Prince’s Shoes

    It’s all about putting your most fashionable foot forward. Mothers realise how important it is to buy quality footwear that guarantees the perfect fit and can stand a little boy play date with friends. We have a great selection of boys designer shoes available so he can be just as fashionable as his mummy.

    The good news is you can find a range of suitable prince worthy outfits in the boys designer clothes sale.

  • Fashionista Style Guide


    At Strawberry Children we recognise that it is not just adults that wish to feel extra special with a new designer outfit. We offer affordable designer clothing for children from some of the most exciting brands! Children designer clothes come in every form from cute little dresses to denim jackets, skirts, t-shirts, girls designer shoes and all the accessories to match!

    We have put together this little style guide for the mini Fashionista’s to help get them ready for this season’s trends:

    Party wear dresses

    It’s the season for garden parties with friends, family weddings and formal functions. So, it is important to have a party dress to hand. This is truly their time to shine, no glitz or glam spared! It’s time to put together a glamorous look with one of our gorgeous Monnalisa floral dresses perfect for SS19.

    Flower girl dresses come in stunning designs and styles according to the occasion and theme you are looking for. Fresh floral designs with timeless beauty make these outfits look different and adorable!


    Little holiday lovers will need a fun and vibrant collection of swimwear ready for the sunny season. From swimsuits to bikinis, sandals, sun hats and sunglasses, we have you covered. Check out the latest range of frills and florals with matching accessories today!

    It’s all about the accessories

    Adorable accessories can transform a look for any little Fashionista. From adding a matching pair of socks with bow detail, necklace or cute hat, it will take your look to the next level. Complete your little girls’ outfit with the perfect designer fashion statement from Strawberry children.

    You may also wish to reflect your child’s character and creative side by adding a beautiful bow to their hair. Matching accessories that suit the attire and event is perfect to complement their chosen look!

    During Spring children are more likely to spend their time outdoors. So, choosing the right kind of sunglasses not just to match their dress but to provide eye protection is not to be overlooked when planning their outfit.

    Little kiddies’ handbags will also give them somewhere to store their sunglasses as well as adding another cute accessory to the mix. This is a useful way to teach your child to look after and keep their belongings safe whilst looking stylish.


    Find the perfect shoes for your little one no matter the occasion. Comfortable sandals, boots or trainers are great for the more active, running around at garden parties, or opt for a floral sandal and matching bow socks to make your little girl look and feel good! Most girls designer shoes have the edge over what you can buy on the high street.

    Shop all of the products featured in our Fashionista style guide here.

  • Children's Fashion Trends for Spring 2019

    Winter has been nice but we think it’s fair to say we have all had enough of the cold, wet weather and are more than ready for summer.

    Fortunately, we can finally say goodbye to the winter months now spring is officially upon us. With the change in season, it can only mean one thing, a change in wardrobe. It’s time to swap the jumpers and coats for the essential spring styles and that’s what we are going to help you with.

    As we all know our little ones grow very quickly so the odds on last year's spring wardrobe fitting this year is highly unlikely.

    For spring and summer 2019 children’s fashion trends, it is all about the fresh, colourful and sporty look. If you take a look at our New Arrivals section you’ll see we’ve started stocking up on some fabulous outfits, from t-shirts to dresses, shorts to skirts along with cool caps and hats.



    Ruffles were a huge fashion statement for the little ones throughout winter and you’ll be pleased to know this cute trend is here to stay. As the warmer months approach; be sure to keep an eye out on your favourite brands as we’re seeing more and more starting to incorporate ruffles into their styles due to the high demand.

    Another trend that is set to be flying off the hangers this spring is print, from smileys to rainbows, along with cute quotes and messages.

    Walking into Spring in Style

    Although the warm, fluffy boots are a cute fashion statement for our little girls, the time of year has passed, so it’s time to look at the perfect footwear which will finish her look and have her blossoming in the coming months.

    We think our Billieblush Girls Glitter Pink Trainers are a real contender for this springs style choices. They’re perfect for this seasons fashion trends; the colourful lace-ups provide support, comfort and of course a fabulous asset to your child's feet.

    A slip on trainer has been a popular choice recently and is continuing to grow in popularity, plus allows for less fuss when it comes to the morning routine...


    Our Kenzo Boys Tiger Navy Pumps is a great choice for our little dudes during this change in season. Comfy to wear, easy to put on and ideal for spring fashion 2019.

    As spring has only just arrived, be sure to keep your eyes peeled while our new styles blossom with plenty more gorgeous items joining our range.

  • How to Dress your Little One in the Colder Months

    If we could leave the house in our dressing gowns or quilts it would be ideal in the colder months but sadly that’s not the case so the baby boutique of Liverpool Strawberry Children have you covered for all your winter essentials!

    In the UK we aren’t fortunate enough to be blessed with sunshine, instead, we’re mainly getting rained on so investing in a cosy coat with a hood for your children would be our first port of call for the winter weather.

    We all know how prone our little ones are to get runny noses and tickly coughs so keeping them wrapped up is key during the cold, wet season. Whether it be for your little girl or boy you can’t go wrong with a fluffy hooded coat, it’s sure to keep them warm while also looking as cute as a button.

    SC 1SC

    Rainy Days Equal Muddy Feet

    We think one thing we can all agree on is the filthy footprints that get trampled through our homes, but thick, solid shoes are something we all need during winter, even our little ones to keep their tiny toes warm.

    There's nothing worse than water leaking through your shoes and ending up with ice cubes for feet, that’s why we recommend Monnalisa Black Fur Boots for your little girl.

    Of course, there are going to be days where boots aren’t going to be suitable and aren’t going to match the outfit you have planned out for your child but it’s not something to worry about, there are plenty of other options available that are more than suitable for the colder months.


    With many different outfits available be sure to shop our full range to keep your little ones warm and dressed well through the colder months. Our shop, the baby boutique of Liverpool Strawberry Children is also open, so if you’re local and want one of our expert members of staff to help you pick the best winter outfits for your boys or girls to come in out of the cold, we can’t wait to see you.

  • Top Tips for Dressing your Children in Winter


    As winter fast approaches, we’ve found ourselves obsessing over how to keep our children warm. Its always a worry when the cold weather sets in – have we dressed them appropriately as they step outside with freezing temperatures, icy conditions and often snow. At Strawberry Children parents often ask how to dress their children for cold weather and with comfy base layers, baby girl bobble hats, to cosy outerwear, we have you covered with our tips for keeping it toasty this season.

    Cover the Key Areas

    We know you may have heard it all before, but layering up really is a saving grace, start with thermal base layers as these base layers trap air allowing your child to stay warm. They also have the option of adding and removing layers should they get too hot or too cold. Some essentials to invest in would be a thermal top, leggings and socks. As cute as it is when your little one’s cheeks become all flushed at least they’ll be toasty to compliment the rosy glow.

    Cosy Knits

    Embrace the chill and wear a cute knitted jumper. There’s nothing like cosying up in a fluffy knit that will keep you warm and snug when outdoors. Add some knitted pants and you’re good to go. Try a drawstring band for ease, as the colder your children get, the more they need to go to the toilet, no need for them to dance about in their knitted pants when it’s time to go!

    Layering up

    No matter how many layers you wrap your little one in, if their hands, toes and ears are cold they’re in for a miserable time. When the cold hits make sure their toes are toasty, fingers are warm, and ears are snug. Add extra layers, like a baby girl bobble hat to keep their head snug, girls designer shoes to keep their toes toasty and gloves to keep their fingers warm. Winter blues are real! So, don’t let your girls’ and boys’ moods drop because they’re too cold to go outside.

    Invest in a Revolutionary Coat

    A coat is key to keeping children warm in the cold, so invest wisely! If you choose a well-insulated coat you also have the option to remove a few layers and still be warm in the cold conditions. Check out our top picks here.

    Let us know your tips and tricks for keeping your little ones warm during the winter. You can shop our full winter range at Strawberry Children online.

  • Cute Fashion Trends for Little Girls this Season

    As an amazing Summer draws to a close and the Autumn sets in, we begin to dig out our warm scarves and cosy hats, ready for all the fun that this season brings. For playing in the leaves and huddling by the bonfire, let your little ones sparkle in kids designer wear from Strawberry Children.

    Whether it’s a smarter or more casual look you’re after, we have a range of gorgeous garments to allow your child to feel stylish yet comfortable. Introducing Autumnal colours and eye-catching prints, our girl’s’ collection offers you the most on-trend pieces for this season!

    Metallic is a key trend for Autumn/Winter, and our Catimini Kid Girls Urbain White Top & Skirt has a fabulous waistband to compliment this. Worn with our Lili Gaufrette Girls Cream Bow Knee Socks and Mini Melissa Gold Glitter Vivienne Westwood Orb Shoes, your child will shine this Autumn! When outdoors, complete the look with Catimini Kid Girls Urbain Yellow Bobble Hat, for a perfect balance of earthy yellows.

    SC 1

    For a more chilled look keeping warm and snug, pair our Monnalisa Girls Floral Pink Tracksuit with our Monnalisa Girls Cream Fur Ankle Boots. Our kids designer wear from Strawberry Children will allow you to create outfits together that sport the trend of pink this season!

    SC 2

    Match our Lili Gaufrette Girls Frill White Shirt & Shorts with Lili Gaufrette Girls Black Bow Knee Socks and Monnalisa Girls Black Fur Boots, for a crisp look to step into the crisp Autumn. As the months get colder, add Lili Gaufrette Girls Black Hooded Down Feather Coat. This outfit highlights neutral tones, another fashion trend on point this season.

    SC 3

    Ruffles are all in for this season, so dress up your little fashionistas in RaspberryPlum Girls Cleopatra Printed Blouse & Leggings. The frill collared cotton blouse paired with the metallic leggings provide a contrast of materials featuring a bold print, letting your little ones stand out among the crowd! Wear this with Mini Melissa Nude Vivienne Westwood Orb Shoes and for cooler days, cover up with the RaspberryPlum Girls Pavlova Mint Bow Jacket.

    SC 4

    Check out our website for more beautiful kids designer wear from Strawberry Children!

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