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Monthly Archives: May 2016

  • Why You Need a Holiday Packing List for Kids

    The excitement of going on holiday starts as soon as you get the suitcase out. Making a list of what you need for youngsters is essential, whether it's girls dresses, boys' swimwear, accessories, toiletries or things to keep children amused.


    Knowing what you have included ensures that you're less likely to forget the important things without doubling up on other items. It lets you pack for every eventuality.


    Children tend to require more clothes than adults, as they get mucky quickly, so you need to pack a range of items that can be mixed and matched together. Try to get a balance between practicality and fashion so that your little one is suitable dressed for every occasion.


    Dressing Up for Girls

    A holiday is the perfect occasion to showcase a child's best wardrobe wear, so don't forget to pack some girls designer clothes. Include items that can be layered up or down to suit the weather conditions. Lay clothes out on the bed before you pack them to see how they all work together.

    Little girls love getting dressed up in pretty frocks, a sparkly cardigan or jacket or a printed top, especially during the evening. If you're going on a summer vacation, include lots of bright, floral-inspired clothes like this beautiful Monnalisa Girls Floral Print Dress.

    Monnalisa Girls Floral Print Dress girls designer clothes


    Even if you're going to a hot country, pack warm clothes for the journey. Bright clothes are ideal so that you can easily spot your children in the airport! Include items such as puzzles and books to keep children entertained during the journey.


    Everything a Boy Needs

    Boys will happily wear shorts and t-shirts all summer, so your list should include plenty of these. Opt for shorts with inside netting, as they are also suitable for use as swimwear. Boys tend to get grubbier than girls, so pack a few extra tops.


    Include a few items of smart boys designer clothes as well for evenings out. A smart pair of shorts, polo shirt and leather sandals will do the trick like the Armani Junior Baby Boys Blue & White Polo & Shorts Set.

    Armani Junior Baby Boys Blue & White Polo & Shorts Set boys designer clothes


    Stuff socks and underwear into shoes to maximise space in your case. Roll up clothes so that they don't get creased instead of folding them.


    Packing for Different Ages

    If your children are a mixture of ages, having a packing list ensures different age groups are catered for. A packing list for babies will be very different to one for older children.


    Babies will require nappies, baby grows, bibs, romper suits and booties, for example. Older children may want to include accessories such as sunglasses or jewellery as well as games and books. This Armani Junior Baby Unisex White 5 Piece Set is perfect for a holiday including all the necessary items for your baby including a bag which could be used for day trips out.

    Armani Junior Baby Unisex White 5 Piece Gift Set


    Try to get children involved in the packing process. This means that you are more likely to pack those things they will frequently wear or use. Why not even consider getting them their own child-friendly suitcase to pull along?


    Achieving a Balance

    Creating the perfect packing list for kids is about ensuring a balance. This enables you to pack all that you need without going overboard.


    Many of the items you include should be versatile so that they can be worn or used on different occasions and under different circumstances.
    If you are looking for the perfect designer holiday wear for boys and girls of all ages, there are plenty of options at Strawberry Children. Putting effort into dressing youngsters from head to toe ensures your children are guaranteed to have the most stylish holiday attire.

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