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A guide to choosing the right shoes for your child

Kids Designer Wear | How To Choose Shoes For Your Child

This ‘how to' guide takes a more relaxed attitude to choosing the right shoe for your child. Comfort is the word to remember at every stage and to be comfortable is to be relaxed. This process doesn't need to be stressful or demanding, so if you currently have a toddler rocketing around in the background – keep calm and read on.


Child's Age

Your child's age is a crucial factor to consider. For instance, infants have incredibly soft bones, so their feet require socks or soft shoes. Whereas toddlers need more support, proper insole cushioning and a rubber sole for grip to prevent them from slipping and falling. Another important thing to bear in mind with regards to your child's age is that each age bracket requires a different regularity of size checks. For children of 1-2 years, checks should be every two months, 3-4 years every 4 months, and 5-6 years every 6 months. This will help make sure your child's shoes are always comfortable and well fitted.


Measuring & Size

Ordering online from kid's designer wear retailers like Strawberry means you will need to know your child's shoe size. We recommend the ‘wall to toe' test, if you get your child to stand with their back against the wall you can mark the floor at the end of their toe and measure from the mark to the wall – easy and accurate.

However, if this proves difficult (falling foul to one of your child's many rebellions), then we do have an alternative suggestion! If you trace your child's foot on paper, they are often inclined to see this as more of a fun game (measure from heel outline to toe as usual). It is also important to remember that one foot may be bigger than the other, in this instance always by the size which fits the larger of the two.

Monnalisa Metallic Pink Boots | Kids Designer Wear

Comfort & Style

You may often hear the phrase ‘comfort over style', but with kids designer wear from Strawberry Children, you can have both! Leading designers Andanines, Monnalisa, Mini Melissa (and many others) all encompass trendy practicality. Products like the Monnalisa metallic pink boots or the Kenzo Tiger Navy Pumps offer all the above benefits while keeping your child young. This might seem like a given, but there are fashions for children that can encourage them to grow up too fast. So, we would recommend encouraging them to embrace their fun-centric childhood! And remember, comfort can also benefit the parents too – comfortable footwear is also footwear that you find easy to put on your child!  


Kids designer wear is an excellent way to protect your child's feet in a style. When considering how to choose the right shoes for your child, designer footwear offers a product made from high-quality breathable fabrics that are also durable enough for your child's adventures. To take a look at our full selection of children's shoes, click here to shop with Strawberry now!


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