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Back to School Checklist for Parents

shutterstock_1155516358It's that time of year again where the kids finally go back to school. Parents are happy to have some normality back in their lives and resume their daily routines and children are hyped to be back with friends and learning new things, not to mention the girls designer shoes can finally make an appearance! If you have been too busy enjoying summer and have yet to get everything in order for the new academic year then we have put together this back to school checklist for you to help.

Implement a Routine

Back to school means back to routines and schedules. So, it may be a good idea to start the routines early and get into the swing of things before the school term starts. Practice bedtime and morning routines to ensure a swift plan is in place. Children will need plenty of sleep to ensure they remain active in class as well as being able to get up early to arrive at school in plenty of time and eat a healthy breakfast before starting the day.

Homework schedules are also important, so why not set aside a small amount of time in preparation for this terms’ workload. In the meantime, children can use this time to enjoy reading or drawing. It is also important to get everything ready the night before the big first-day backpack backpacks gather stationery and plan lunches in advance. This way you can enjoy the morning, eat breakfast together and take photographs of the little ones in their uniform.

Make a List of any Needed Items

Make a list of any items you may need for the return to school. This will require checking all previous supplies including clothing and stationery. Use this time to wisely to clean out closets, try on old clothes to make sure they still fit and organise desks. Not only will this declutter your home, but you will not spend unnecessary amounts of money on items you already have. It might be worth investing in a new school coat as well as a pair of girls designer shoes ahead of the coming winter months to keep your child warm and cosy on their commute.

Prep for School Lunches

If you must supply your children with their own packed lunch, then be sure to stock the cupboards with plenty of supplies. Preparation is key to maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. Make sure last year’s lunchbox is still intact and you could invest in a personalised water bottle to encourage your kids to drink the daily recommended amount.

Adjust Calendars

Lastly, it’s time to adjust the calendars, after all, organisation is essential to making it through the school term. Add any after-school clubs to your diary and make the necessary doctor’s hair and dental appointments prior to starting back.

Now that the summer months have come to an end and you have the Strawberry Children school checklist in order, it might be worth thinking about your child’s autumn wardrobe as the colder months approach. Take a look at our post on how to dress your little one for autumn.



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