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Top Tips for Dressing your Children in Winter


As winter fast approaches, we’ve found ourselves obsessing over how to keep our children warm. Its always a worry when the cold weather sets in – have we dressed them appropriately as they step outside with freezing temperatures, icy conditions and often snow. At Strawberry Children parents often ask how to dress their children for cold weather and with comfy base layers, baby girl bobble hats, to cosy outerwear, we have you covered with our tips for keeping it toasty this season.

Cover the Key Areas

We know you may have heard it all before, but layering up really is a saving grace, start with thermal base layers as these base layers trap air allowing your child to stay warm. They also have the option of adding and removing layers should they get too hot or too cold. Some essentials to invest in would be a thermal top, leggings and socks. As cute as it is when your little one’s cheeks become all flushed at least they’ll be toasty to compliment the rosy glow.

Cosy Knits

Embrace the chill and wear a cute knitted jumper. There’s nothing like cosying up in a fluffy knit that will keep you warm and snug when outdoors. Add some knitted pants and you’re good to go. Try a drawstring band for ease, as the colder your children get, the more they need to go to the toilet, no need for them to dance about in their knitted pants when it’s time to go!

Layering up

No matter how many layers you wrap your little one in, if their hands, toes and ears are cold they’re in for a miserable time. When the cold hits make sure their toes are toasty, fingers are warm, and ears are snug. Add extra layers, like a baby girl bobble hat to keep their head snug, girls designer shoes to keep their toes toasty and gloves to keep their fingers warm. Winter blues are real! So, don’t let your girls’ and boys’ moods drop because they’re too cold to go outside.

Invest in a Revolutionary Coat

A coat is key to keeping children warm in the cold, so invest wisely! If you choose a well-insulated coat you also have the option to remove a few layers and still be warm in the cold conditions. Check out our top picks here.

Let us know your tips and tricks for keeping your little ones warm during the winter. You can shop our full winter range at Strawberry Children online.


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