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Why Girls Designer Clothing is the Next Big Thing in Fashion


Despite little girls inevitable growth spurts many parents are still buying girls designer clothing in hope that they don’t put holes in the knees of their new leggings or leave their shoe behind when kicking to get out of their pram! Fashionista is a term that we hear time and time again and with the number of attractive opportunities now available to children as well as adults it’s no wonder we have an army of mini fashionistas on our hands. With the demand for girls designer clothing, Strawberry Children have you covered with some of the most loved children’s designer brands to provide your ‘Mini Me’s’ and trendy tots with all their fashion needs.

At Strawberry Children we recognise the ‘must have’ attitude children and parents have adopted towards kitting out their wardrobes and some of the reasons why girls designer clothing is rapidly becoming the next big fashion frenzy!

The Rise of the ‘Mini Me’

The rise of the Mini Me’ trend is so adorable to mirror the exquisite taste of your mummy or daddy although it can be pretty expensive buying two of everything, it is just too cute of an opportunity to pass up. Childrens designer clothing recognised the growing profitability of matching parent and child outfits luckily for us and there’s no turning back from the identical sneakers and adorable tote bags!

Most Popular Age Group

At Strawberry Children we recognise the growing proportion of children in the 0-14 years age group take more of an interest in fashion and opt for a stylish wardrobe. To cater for all our customers' needs, we stock brands in sizes 0-14 years to keep our glam babies and sophisticated tots and teens one step ahead of the fashion game!

Encourage Individuality

It is so important to encourage creativity and originality when it comes to your little ones. This is what will set them apart from the rest and develop them as individuals. When carefully selecting items for Strawberry Children we are always mindful of the trend towards allowing children to choose their own clothing in order to express themselves.

Rise in Babies

Last year alone the population of children aged between 0-4 years grew to over 679 million and with this came the demand for fancy baby clothing. From pretty pastels to fabulous frills and so much more, we have a beautiful collection available online and instore.

Children’s Power

From time to time we may allow our children to get the better of us, they just happen to look too cute in that new dress, matching shoes and bag, add that to the constant pleading and the innocent look where better wouldn’t melt and we have the decision-making power of children. With this powerful persuasion came the ability to influence parents’ purchases and so this adds to how many mini fashionistas are running about the place.

Change in Income

Lastly, there has been a rise in brand awareness among kids. Let’s face it, we all love to wear the latest trend or showcase a new bag. Luckily there has been an increase in double-income households that allow for more spending on children.

You can shop girls designer clothing at Strawberry Children or if you’re looking for your little boys then check out our previous post on the collection from Ralph Lauren boys.


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