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With over 35 years’ experience, the dedicated team at Andanines shoes understands exactly how to combine tradition and innovation to create shoes for boys and girls. Its passion and attention to detail means that every pair of shoes is thoughtfully designed, tailored and hand crafted using only the highest quality materials and experienced workmanship, ensuring you can feel confident that you are purchasing a quality pair of shoes with a great deal of care and attention put into their creation.

The designs are rooted in tradition but, as the team is always on top of the latest trends in fashion, each has a modern twist. From pre-walkers to baby brogues and boots, Andanines has designed a shoe for every season, style and occasion. The variety of colours means there is something available to complement every little outfit, whether for a special occasion or an everyday trip to the park.

Made from supple yet sturdy leather with high quality material details and child safe buckles, Andanines ensures that each pair of shoes is comfortable to wear. It knows how important it is to look after little feet and its tried and tested technology means shoes from this brand will always keep growing feet properly supported and looking stylish.


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