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Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood

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Best known for her shock of bright orange hair and for her introduction of the equally shocking 'punk culture' into mainstream fashion, Vivienne Westwood is hardly a name one would usually associate with children's clothing. However, the brand of Vivienne Westwood has recently launched its own line in children's clothing - Vivienne Westwood for Kids - and Vivienne Westwood kids clothes are proving a hit.

While the children's clothing range does attempt to steer clear of some of the designer's more avant garde, controversial styles, Vivienne Westwood fans will recognise some of the label's trademark slogans, images and motifs in several of the pieces. Such pieces include babygros featuring the statement 'I am not a terrorist, please don't arrest me.' This slogan was designed by Westwood for use by the human rights group 'Liberty,' protesting the UK government's extreme new anti terrorism laws. The babygros - like the t shirts - aim to raise awareness of this topical subject and generate discussion of the issue.

For parents less eager to clothe their child in political statements, there is plenty in the range that is not that controversial! The Vivienne Westwood 'Melissa' collection features a distinctive range of children's shoes that even the most troublesome toddler wouldn't want to rip off. A simple T-bar shoe shape forms a blank canvas for a range of different colours and motifs such as oversized bows or heart shapes. The shoes are also easy to clean and to put on and remove, making them practical as well as stylish. Much of the rest of the label includes pieces that similarly combine fashion statements with practical clothing.