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New Arrivals

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Let us face it – not that many small boys bother about whether they are wearing stripes with spots or sporting summer shorts with a woolly jumper. In fact the more chaotic looking it seems to be the better. This changes however the older boys get and the more aware they are of how they appear to others. As they grow up boys realise that how they look and dress can make a difference to their lives.

But initially it is up to the mum to make sure her child does not go to the park on a muddy day in white trousers or turns up at a posh family party in ripped jeans and a dirty T-shirt. This will no longer be a problem with the new boys fashion that can be viewed and bought here.

All the new arrivals of boys clothes are deemed to be tough wearing (they need to be), long lasting (again, essential) and look great (which is nice when you are walking beside your son and he looks the business).

The new boys clothes can range from trousers, jeans and long shorts, to all sorts of varieties of tops, T-shirts and jumpers plus smarter wear like shirts, jackets and blazers. You might even persuade your son to step into some cool linen trousers or wear a funky top that might not normally be his style. That is the beauty of new clothes; trying out different looks for different occasions. So do not let his reticence hold you back, he will thank you for it in the long run.

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